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The defender of Russian football team Georgy Dzhikiya commented on play of the team in a match of the first round of a qualification tournament of the European championship of 2020 with Belgium in whi...

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The Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro announced exposure of another plot of the United States against Venezuela

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Russian national team on departure gave way to Belgium with the score 1:3 in an opening match of qualification of Euro-2020. The domestic team had serious problems with the beginning of the attacks an...

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The head coach of Russian football team Stanislav Cherchesov commented on removal of the midfielder of team Alexander Golovin in an ending of a match of the first round of qualification of the Europea...

Date: 7 months ago   Category: World

"With the consent of the American military": Zakharova about finding of terrorists in the Syrian refugee camp "Rukban" — RT in Russian

In the largest Syrian refugee camp "Rukban" terrorists are covered with civilians, and it occurs with the consent of the USA controlling a 55-kilometer zone "around the illegal base in Et-Tanf". Such statement was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova within the weekly briefing about topical issues of foreign policy. Zakharova has added that neither the Syrian authorities, nor UN officials still can get to the camp. RT conducted a live broadcast.


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