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The ship of the Navies of France of Capricorne arrived in the port of Odessa.

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The press service of the Ministry of Health of Dagestan reported that the authorities find out the reason of pollution of water in Khasavyurt where there was mass poisoning.

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Russia lost the maximum quota in men's single figure skating at World Cup 2020 following the results of a performance on a world championship which took place in the Japanese Saitama.

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The American figure skater Nathan Chen set two world records in the World Cup in the Japanese Saitama.

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Science

"Were ready to die for the country": as the Minsk underground workers struggled with fascists — RT in Russian

75 years ago Nazi intelligence agencies have crushed the headquarters of the underground Komsomol organization "Andryusha", two years operating in the occupied Minsk. Gestapo men have made an ambush at the opened secret address. Evading pursuit, the twenty-year-old commander of underground workers Nikolay Kedyshko has managed to destroy two fascists, but itself was seriously injured and not to be taken prisoner, has committed suicide. Posthumously to him the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union has been given. On the account of group of Kedyshko about 40 diversions, more than 50 destroyed Hitlerite soldiers and officers. According to experts, in Belarus the most powerful anti-fascist underground which contribution to a victory over Nazism it is difficult to overestimate has been created.


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