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The elder brother of Igor Talkov in a conversation with reacted to renewal of investigation of murder of the singer.

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Professor of Orthodox Sacred and Tychonoff humanities university, the doctor of church history Vladislav Petrushko commented on the decision of the Synod of initial Ukrainian Orthodox Church to break...

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The head of the Center for reconciliation of the conflicting parties (TsPVS) in SAR lieutenant general Vladimir Savchenko said that fighters in Syria four times per day fired at suburbs of the Syrian...

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The deputy of the State Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov in a conversation with the NSN commented on the offer to raise in the simplified order penalties for violation of traffic regulations for the sum up to...

Date: 3 months ago   Category: Science

"We waited for storm all the time": the head of the deputy headquarters of defense of the White House has told about a putsch of 1991 — RT in Russian

27 years ago in the USSR there were events which became known as an August putsch. During this period Sergey Filatov headed the deputy headquarters of defense of the White House, and two years later, during parliamentary crisis of the 1993rd, held a post of the head of administration of Boris Yeltsin. In an exclusive interview of RT he has told about events of 1991 and the relations of the first President of Russia and Mikhail Gorbachev, has explained why he has supported Yeltsin in the 1993rd, but has left his team when the ex-president has been elected for the second term.


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