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The Russian boxer Sergey Kovalyov commented on a situation with charges in the address of beating of the woman.

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Daniil Medvedev in the fourth circle of men's singles of Australian Open meets the 14-fold winner of Grand Slam tournaments Novak Djokovic. In case of success the 22-year-old Russian for the first tim...

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The member of the committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Anton Morozov in a conversation with RT commented on the statement of the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation...

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The Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko at negotiations with the president of Israel Reuven Rivlin urged the Israeli side to promote release of seamen who were detained by FSB at illegal crossing of the...

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

"Unprecedented courage": The Russian Defense Ministry has declassified documents on fight on the Kursk arch — RT in Russian

The Russian Defense Ministry has published archival documents to the 75 anniversary of a victory in the Kursk fight. Reports, orders and prize sheets tell about how the Red Army managed to inflict crushing defeat over forces of Wehrmacht. A huge contribution to a victory as notes department, the Soviet gunners have brought. Battle continued from July 5 to August 23 and has come to the end with release of the East of Ukraine. On the Kursk arch invaders have lost over 500 thousand people, more than 3,7 thousand planes, 3 thousand artillery pieces and 1,5 thousand tanks and self-propelled howitzers.


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