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The decree signed by Vladimir Putin expands number of citizens of Ukraine who will be able to apply for obtaining the Russian passports in the simplified order. Earlier only inhabitants of the self-pr...

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The match of the first round of the Professional Football League (PFL) between Ararat and Saturn was interrupted because of attempt of the fan to attack the chief judge of a meeting.

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The meeting of heads of the countries in a Norman format can take place after the next meeting of representatives of four states, the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky reported.

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The former forward of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin commented on possible renewal of sales of beer at football stadiums.

Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Science

Unexplored world: under an ice cover of Greenland more than 50 lakes — RT in Russian are found

The British experts found 56 earlier unexplored subglacial lakes in Greenland. Their studying, according to experts, will allow to track the impact of global warming on the Arctic ice cover in dynamics. Also scientists expect to find life traces in these lakes.


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