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The ex-president of Georgia, the former governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili decided to leave a post of the chairman of the Georgian party "United National Movement".

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Among Russians Alexander Loginov's performance became the most successful in the financial plan.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan reported that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Morgulov and his Japanese colleague Tacheo Mori in Moscow will carry out on...

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that more than 30 thousand people got sick with measles in the country since the beginning of year.

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Science

"To reduce responsibility of Nazi criminals": why CIA declassified the report on sexual orientation of Hitler — RT in Russian

CIA declassified the report of 1943 on Adolf Hitler's life. The author of the document comes to a conclusion that the leader of the Third Reich had sadomasochist bents and was bisexual. Also it is claimed that it shared both the Nazi ideas, and socialist views. This not first "sensational" message about the Fuhrer's life which appeared in the western media. According to historians, it abounds with the unchecked facts. Besides, as experts consider, emphasis of attention on mental and sexual deviations of Hitler is attempt to reduce level of responsibility of Nazi war criminals and to write off everything for "the demonic identity" of the Fuhrer.


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