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Experts Roskachestva made recommendations how to save the car from a high tech - breaking and stealing. Drawing on the car of an aerographics and stickers is called one of the most effective ways.

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If there is a question though about the slightest restriction of powers of the Russian delegation in PACE, she will leave, the head of the international State Duma Committee Leonid Slutsky said.

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The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived to Saudi Arabia to hold negotiations on an occasion of Iran.

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The businessman Vladimir Plakhotnyuk left a post of the chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM).

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"They don't have trust": as in the USA have reacted to Trump's decision to withdraw at ex-heads of intelligence agencies the admission to state secrets — RT in Russian

In the USA opinions on the requirement of the president Donald Trump to take away from the ex-director of CIA John Brennan the admission to confidential data were shared. Such step was condemned by constant critics of the American leader, including the former head of FBI James of Komi who can also lose access to confidential information. However many politicians welcome the measures taken by the White House. The former technical director of the NSA William Binni in a conversation with RT has noted that the admission to the state secrets has to remain only with those staff of intelligence agencies which continue to help the authorities and after resignation.


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