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The majority in the House of Representatives of the USA voted for the resolution blocking the decision of the American leader Donald Trump in arms supplies of Saudi Arabia.

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The chairman of the commission of the Federation Council on information policy Alexey Pushkov in the microblog on Twitter commented on statements that in case of the termination of transit of the Russian gas Ukraine is waited by technogenic catastrophe.

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The American leader Donald Trump on the page on Twitter commented on the fact that the U. S. Congress voted against consideration of the resolution on an impeachment.

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In Germany there are forces which pile on the agony of hostility and "toxicity" around the Russian media. It the Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said in an interview of Rheinische Post, comme...

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"There are no guarantees of the majority": with whom Zelensky's party can enter into the coalition after elections to Rada — RT in Russian

The Servant of the People party of Vladimir Zelensky is ready to cooperate in the Verkhovna Rada with new political forces after elections on July 21. The leader Dmitry Razumkov said it it. At the same time earlier the representative of the head of state in parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk claimed that Servant of the People intends to become monoparty. However experts consider that because of drop in the rating of Servant of the People and features of the Ukrainian political system this task is impracticable. According to RT sources in the Ukrainian political circles, not the new strength, but party of the ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko will become the main candidate for a role of the partner for the coalitions.


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