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The last long days off more than five days long wait for Russians at the beginning of May, the following opportunity to have a rest more than two days in a row will appear only in November. The press service of Rostrud reports about it.

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The Embassy of Russia in the USA published the 120-page report dated for the publication of the report of the special prosecutor Robert Müller on "the Russian intervention".

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The motor convoy which will participate in Victory Day parade at Red Square on May 9 arrived in Moscow. It is said in the statement of department of information and mass communications of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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About 180 thousand bees who lived in beehives on a roof of Notre-Dame survived after the fire. CNN reports about it.

Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

The president against a hawk: Trump has refused the publication of the statement with recognition of merits and McCain's heroism — RT in Russian

The American leader Donald Trump has preferred to comment laconically on the death of senator John McCain on Twitter though Assistants to the President have prepared special release on this subject. Mass media with reference to sources in the White House have reported that members of administration of Trump supported the publication of the official statement in which McCain's merits would be noted during service in Vietnam and works in the congress. In this text of senator it was planned to call the hero, however the president has refused such option: Trump and McCain's views strongly dispersed recently. Besides, McCain's family hasn't invited the head of state to senator's funeral according to his will. Will represent official Washington at a ceremony the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence.


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