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The Federation Council made the decision to dismiss the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Vladimir Malinovsky in connection with retirement behind a length of service. TASS reports a...

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The signature of the voter is nullified if the candidate of the Moscow City Duma or the collector of signatures incorrectly filled out data, out of time paid production of subscription lists or brough...

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The midfielder of the Russian football club "Krasnodar" Cayo commented on results of draw of the third selection round of the Champions League of UEFA.

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The basketball head coach of youth team of Russia Anton Yudin commented on a team performance in the basketball European championship of 2019 among players up to 20 years in division B.

Date: 2 months ago   Category: Science

"The general heroes pull together the people": as the Red Army man Fyodor Poletayev exempted Italy from fascists — RT in Russian

110 years ago in the Ryazan region future hero of the Italian Resistance Fyodor Poletayev was born. In 1942 he was wounded in fights with Hitlerites to Dona and was taken prisoner. Poletayev passed Nazi concentration camps in Poland, Yugoslavia, Italy. With assistance of members of a resistance movement ran and joined the ranks of the Italian guerrillas who noted improbable composure and courage of the Red Army man. In 1945 in battle near Kantalupo his group destroyed more than 20 Nazis and, thanks to Poletayev, about 50 captured. However Fyodor in this fight died. In Italy he was posthumously awarded one of the highest awards — the medals "For Military Valour", and in the homeland — ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union.


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