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In the Mediterranean Sea in the last several days there were two ship-wrecks as a result of which died or 170 migrants were missing.

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Russia will develop modification of the Union spaceship for flights to the Moon for own means.

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The leader of democrats in the senate and the House of Representatives of the U. S. Congress Chuck Sumer and Nancy Pelosi rejected the offer of the American president Donald Trump on migration policy.

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The earthquake measuring 6.7 is recorded near the coast of Chile. The United States Geological Survey informs on it.

Date: 3 months ago   Category: World

The Foreign Minister of Turkey disproved transfer of audio recordings in the matter of Hashukdzhi — RT in Russian

Ankara did not transfer anybody the audio recordings connected with disappearance of the Saudi journalist Gamal Hashukdzhi, the Turkish foreign minister Mevlyut Chavushoglu said.


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