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In the Novosibirsk region the authorities intend to spend more than 2.6 billion rubles for development of sport in 2019 from means of federal and regional budgets. The portal with referen...

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Russia suggests to enter standards on free food for all pupils of schools and professional educational institutions aged up to 18 years.

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The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yury Borisov said that the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev gave to Roskosmos month that "sharply to raise" financial discipline.

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The island state of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean was cut off from the Internet after failure of an underwater optical cable which connects the kingdom to the state of Fiji.

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Russia

The expert has estimated the bill of the ban by the military introduced to the State Duma to post online data on himself — RT in Russian

The editor-in-chief of the Soldaty Rossii magazine Vladislav Shurygin in a conversation with the NSN has estimated the bill introduced in the State Duma which forbids the military personnel to place data on itself(himself) and the colleagues in media and the Internet.


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