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The famous figure skating coach Tatyana Tarasova considers that Maxim Kovtun quickly gave up though has amazing abilities.

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The CEO of Federal Passenger Company who is "subsidiary" of the Russian Railway Pyotr Ivanov told about the price of the ticket in the new car of a compartment with a shower and safes.

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The final basketball match of a final series of the Adriatic league between "the Tsrveny Star" and Buduchnostyyu turned back scandal. During warm-up fans of owners came to a parquet and attacked guest...

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The OSCE Representative concerning freedom of media Harlem Desir said that he is concerned by messages about firing of journalists of VGTRK in Donetsk.

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The expert commented on Poroshenko's statement for rockets with the range of defeat of 1000 km — RT in Russian

The military expert, the former chief of anti-aircraft missile troops of special purpose Command of the Air Force of Russia Sergey Hatylev in a conversation with Nation News commented on the statement of the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko that Ukraine possesses the high-precision cruise missiles capable to overcome more than 1000 km.


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