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Russia considers that the EU and NATO is time to recognize the choice of residents of the Crimea who voted for reunion with Russia five years ago. It is said in the comment of the Russian Foreign Mini...

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In Östersund the World Biathlon Championship came to the end. Russian national team acted on it successfully, for the first time for the last eight years having managed to win three medals. Johannes B...

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In the center of Simferopol there takes place the gala concert devoted to the fifth anniversary of the All-Crimean referendum and reunion of the Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. With an opening speech the Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the audience. RT conducted a live broadcast.

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The political scientist Vladimir Kireev in a conversation with "The Nevsky news" estimated the bill of counteraction to "the Russian influence" introduced in the United States Congress in Venezuela.

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The ex-football player of "Zenit" has shown a mourning form in which Genoa will play in memory of the victims of the tragedy in Genoa — RT in Russian

Football players of Italian Genoa in a match of the second round of a Series A against Empoli who will take place on August 26 will play in a mourning form in memory of the victims of the failed bridge in Genoa.


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