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At opening of the auction the ruble grows to dollar and euro. Indicators of the Moscow Exchange demonstrate to it.

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The Russian goalkeeper of "Columbus Blue Jackets" Sergey Bobrovsky repeated a personal record by the number of dry matches during the season in the regular championship of the National Hockey League (...

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540 years ago the sovereign and the grand duke всея Russia Vasily III — Ivan III's son and Ivan the Terrible's father was born. He pursued policy of centralization and association of Russian lands, re...

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The Security Service of Ukraine built "muscles" which fill with dread enemies, the Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko said.

Date: 7 months ago   Category: Russia

The court has pronounced a sentence to employees of the Voronezh clinic in which at the fire 23 persons — RT in Russian have died

The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has said that employees of a psychoneurological clinic in the Voronezh region in which at the fire 23 persons have died, are condemned for the terms from two to two and a half years of colony.


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