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The Russian leader Vladimir Putin included the acting the Governor of Saint Petersburg Alexander Beglov in the structure of the Security council of Russia.

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Jeffrey Sparks, the executive director of Maffick Media, commented on blocking of pages of four independent projects of the company.

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The police of the British Salisbury did not establish yet who hung up on February 17 the Russian flag on Gothic cathedral of Virgin Mary.

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The showman Vladimir Zelensky continues to be in the lead in presidential rating in Ukraine. Data of survey conducted by Ukrainian Policy fund together with research group of Institute of marketing an...

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"The chancellor don't support even in her party": what falling of popularity of the block of Merkel in Germany — RT in Russian is connected with

The political block of CDU/CSU headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has established a new anti-record of popularity. According to the last opinion poll if elections to the Bundestag have taken place on October 7, only 27% of voters would give the votes for ruling fraction. On this background support of Alternative for Germany right-wing party which has bypassed social democrats and has taken the second place in rating grows. ADG opposes migration policy of the present German government. Moreover, by results of other poll, 55% of respondents consider that Merkel will ahead of schedule leave the post. Experts connect rating downgrade of the block of CDU/CSU and its head with aggravation of a migration problem and also with falling of the authority of Merkel in her party.


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