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PACE invited the Russian delegation to participate in a June session, at the same time having reserved the right to challenge its powers. 118 parliamentarians from 190 being present voted for the rele...

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The Government of the Russian Federation does not plan to prolong the agreement on freezing of petrol prices and the diesel in wholesale, TASS with reference to sources in the oil companies and the mi...

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On the Cup of America on soccer which passes in Brazil the group stage was completed following the results of which couples of quarterfinal were created.

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Turgumbayev reported that works on elimination of the fire which arose in a military warehouse in the south of the country are suspended because of the explosions continuing in the region.

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"The American Achilles' heel": as the head of NASA has proved need of creation of space troops of the USA — RT in Russian

Military space forces of the USA will help to prevent the "existential threats" connected with possible attacks to the American satellite group, the director of NASA Jim Braydenstayn considers. He has noted high dependence of America on space branch: if opponents of Washington close to the United States access to space, they will be able "to force the country to the knees". Braydenstayn has added that, despite support of creation of space troops, NASA won't participate directly in implementation of this project.


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