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The ex-president of Georgia, the former governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili decided to leave a post of the chairman of the Georgian party "United National Movement".

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Among Russians Alexander Loginov's performance became the most successful in the financial plan.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan reported that the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Morgulov and his Japanese colleague Tacheo Mori in Moscow will carry out on...

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The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that more than 30 thousand people got sick with measles in the country since the beginning of year.

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"Solves two key problems": what potential the modernized Tu-22M3M rocket carrier — RT in Russian has

At the Kazan aircraft factory of S.P. Gorbunov the vykatka of the modernized distant Tu-22M3M bomber rocket carrier has taken place. According to the president of United Aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar, planes will begin to come to the structure of Russian Air Forces since 2021. The bomber will receive several types of new cruise missiles, the improved avionics and engines. If necessary he will be able to carry out shock missions in the most remote areas of the planet. About opportunities and problems of the updated Tu-22M3M — in the material RT.


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