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The special U.S. State Department Spokesperson on Ukraine Curt Volcker commented on the cultivation of forces and means provided by the Minsk Agreement on the site of the line of contact near the Vill...

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan quashed rumors about the numerous victims as a result of explosions in warehouses of military unit in the city of Arys of the Turkestan region.

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The authorities of the Japanese city of Osaka in which the summit of leaders of the G20 will take place on June 28 and 29, warned about downpours and gales and also the floodings and landslides caused...

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The female resident of Nizhneangarsk Ekaterina Bogatykh who became the witness of crash landing of An-24, told the incident details.

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"Small steps in achievement of the big purpose": what stands behind military rapprochement of China and India — RT in Russian

India and China restore cooperation in the military sphere after last year's 72-day opposition in the Himalayas. The day before in New Delhi there have taken place negotiations of the Indian leader Narendra Modi and the Minister of Defence of the People's Republic of China Wei Fenghe who is in the South Asian state on a four-day visit. The head of the Indian government has noted that now both countries will resolve controversial issues, "without allowing them to develop into the conflicts". Experts believe that rapprochement of Beijing and New Delhi was promoted by their interaction within SCO and BRICS and also a foreign policy of Washington seeking to put pressure upon India. About the prospects of military-political cooperation of two states — in the material RT.


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