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In the Syrian city of Palmyra local authorities restored city infrastructure. The minister of tourism of Syria Muhammad Rami Radvan Martini reported about it.

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The press secretary of the White House Sara Sanders said that new rounds of trade negotiations of Washington and Beijing will take place on April 30 and on May 8. Informs CNBC with reference to the message on it Sanders.

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The leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un on the armored train went from the border station Hassan in Primorsky Krai towards Ussuriysk.

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The Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin said that Moscow will be forced to react to advance of the North Atlantic Alliance to the east. The Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper reports about it.

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Russia

Sign of inequality: why the American congressmen declare moral superiority of the USA over Russia — RT in Russian

Actions of Russia on the world scene can't be compared to actions of the USA as Washington has moral superiority over Moscow. Such statement was made by authors of the report "On what Putin will threaten?", the U. S. Congress prepared by the Helsinki commission. Authors accuse the Russian Federation of human rights violation and urge to decline partners of Washington to application of new sanctions against Moscow. Experts consider that the document relies upon "the principle of the American exclusiveness" which is taken for granted in the USA, but is unacceptable on the world scene and the more so isn't rule of international law. As analysts note, Washington seeks to justify with "moral superiority" illegitimate actions of the USA and the West. RT has studied the text of the document.


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