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At opening of the auction the ruble grows to dollar and euro. Indicators of the Moscow Exchange demonstrate to it.

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The Russian goalkeeper of "Columbus Blue Jackets" Sergey Bobrovsky repeated a personal record by the number of dry matches during the season in the regular championship of the National Hockey League (...

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540 years ago the sovereign and the grand duke всея Russia Vasily III — Ivan III's son and Ivan the Terrible's father was born. He pursued policy of centralization and association of Russian lands, re...

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The Security Service of Ukraine built "muscles" which fill with dread enemies, the Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko said.

Date: 7 months ago   Category: Science

"Serious operation of the Soviet intelligence agencies": as collaborators from the CC steel guerrillas were also killed in battle with Nazis — RT in Russian

75 years ago the collaborationist crew CC "Team" led by Vladimir Gil (Rodionov) has come over to the side of the Soviet guerrillas. People who over a year were the tool of Nazi occupational policy became red guerrillas, bravely battled against Hitlerites and nine months later practically all were killed in battle. About activity of "Team" and identity of her commander Gil many myths go today. One try to present him the hero intelligence agent who was awarded personally by Stalin, others — absolutely ordinary person. As the former collaborators and whom actually was Vladimir Gil — in the material RT were at war with Nazis.


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