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The vice-chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Ekaterina Rozhkova said that Privatbank cannot be returned to the former owners after nationalization cancellation.

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In China consider very important event a visit of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to Russia as Moscow has positive influence on a situation on the Korean peninsula, declared in the Chinese Foreign...

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Within ten years in the territory of Russia it is planned to open 55 fitness clubs under the UFC GYM brand.

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The head of department of legal support and the property relations of Rosaviatsia Vladimir Mnishko is arrested on a charge of plunder of 1 billion rubles at signing of the contracts with lawyers, repo...

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Sanctions lever: whether the USA India will be able to punish for purchase of the Russian S-400 — RT in Russian

India has several opportunities to avoid the countermeasures promised by Trmap for purchase of the Russian ZRK S-400, the experts interviewed by RT consider. Among the most realistic — to make concessions to Washington on a number of foreign policy questions. The relations with Iran from which New Delhi continues to buy oil, despite pressure of the USA can become a bargaining chip. Also it is possible that as "compensation" the White House will demand from the Indian side to change conditions of bilateral trade in a key, favorable to itself. At the same time, according to analysts, Americans have not enough resources to exert noticeable impact on India and to force it to refuse the transaction or to make serious economic concessions. About a new vector of sanctions policy of the United States — in the material RT.


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