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The De Morgen edition reports that 27 citizens of Belgium continue to receive the pension payments appointed still by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1941 from Germany.

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that more than 500 people were evacuated from the hostel in Irkutsk because of ignition in the building.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden called the ambassador of Hungary Adrien Müller in connection with the statement of the Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zholt Shemyen.

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The minister of social policy of Ukraine Andrey Reva compared growth of national economy to soccer.

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"Ring of the power in the Balkans": in Macedonia there is held the referendum on renaming of the country and the accession to the EU and NATO — RT in Russian

On Sunday, September 30, residents of Macedonia participate in a referendum on change of the name of the country with Northern Macedonia and also on the accession to the EU and the North Atlantic Alliance. If Skopje renames the state, the authorities of Greece are ready to withdraw the veto on the accession of the northern neighbor to NATO and the European Union. Special attention of the international players is riveted on a plebiscite. Representatives of the countries of NATO accuse Russia of attempts to interfere with free will, however actively agitate Macedonians to vote for. So, on September 16 — 17 there has taken place the visit to Skopje of the United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis during which he has said that the referendum "has historical value for further progress" the states. The opposition of the republic urges to boycott vote. As experts believe, Macedonia is necessary for the North Atlantic Alliance that "to close a ring of the power" in the Balkans.


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