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On Wednesday, May 22, in the Russian Cup final on soccer in Samara Lokomotiv and Ural will meet. Railroad workers are considered as unconditional favourites of opposition and can win a trophy for the...

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The head of department of the State protection of Ukraine Valery Heletey said that he wrote the official report about resignation.

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Actions of Washington concerning the Chinese telecommunication company Huawei are "typical economic persecution". Such statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of...

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The chief representative of the European Union in Ukraine Hyug Mingarelli said that cooperation of the Ukrainian authorities with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is one of conditions of receivin...

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Sport

"Restart of reyganovsky "Star Wars": as the new strategy of development missile defense for the USA will influence the international security — RT in Russian

The Pentagon does not consider that the updated strategy of development of missile defense of Washington is capable to push the world to a new race of arms, the Deputy Minister of Defence of the USA on political affairs John Rud said. The administration of the White House intends to cover each city of the United States from hypothetical blows. Also expansion of the missile defense and abroad will continue. According to experts, it is dangerous strategy, and statements that similar steps are not directed against Moscow, are not true. The Russian Foreign Ministry already warned the USA against attempts to restart the program of "Star Wars". Why to the Pentagon to expand a missile defense system, RT understood.


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