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The head of labor union Ministries of Internal Affairs, the candidate for president of Ukraine Ilya Kiva said that he supports a complete separation of the relations with the International Monetary Fu...

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The EU will make the unanimous decision on new sanctions against Russia in connection with an incident in the Kerch Strait in the next weeks, the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini said.

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The head of the fraction of the European People's Party conducting in European Parliament Manfred Weber commented on non-admission of delegation of eurodeputies to Venezuela.

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Three explosions occurred in the center of Donetsk, RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Repu...

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"Quite reasonably bothered": why the Foreign Minister of Hungary called hypocrisy criticism of the West to Russia — RT in Russian

Cooperation with Russia or China does not prevent Budapest to remain the reliable ally of the USA and NATO, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto believes. According to him, the countries of the West in the relations with Moscow show "huge hypocrisy". In particular, the diplomat pointed to strong commercial relations of the Western European states with Russia. Meanwhile the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced significant growth in influence of the Russian Federation on the international scene. He claims that Moscow allegedly wishes "to seed split" between the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. According to experts, in Europe more and more politicians realize that the White House works only in own interests.


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