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Russian national team will play on a victory in a match with national team of Sweden in Stockholm in spite of the fact that it will accept a draw. It at a press conference on the eve of the final meet...

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The former head coach of Krylja Sovetov, Anzhi and Gajah Gadzhiyev's Amkar in a conversation from the FANNS gave the forecast for a match of Russian national teams and Sweden within the sixth tour of...

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The duty traffic police officer on Krasnoyarsk Krai Elena Avdeeva commented on a situation with the head coach of Yenisei Dmitry Alenichev.

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The prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that it managed to keep ruling coalition and to prevent early elections in the country.

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Poroshenko has apologized for a promise to finish operation in Donbass in only a few hours — RT in Russian

The president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko during the ceremony of a raising of National flag has apologized to Ukrainians for the promise made in 2014 to finish the military operation in Donbass in only a few hours.


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