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The head coach of Russian football team Stanislav Cherchesov reacted to criticism concerning a call of the naturalized Brazilian forward of Krasnodar Arie in national team.

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The delegation from Pakistan for the first time arrived with a fact-finding visit to the Crimea. The employee of management of external relations and the protocol of the office of council of ministers...

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Russia appealed in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom against the decision to organize comprehensive process for studying of an argument about pressure upon Ukraine for receiving the Russian cred...

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St. Petersburg and Singapore signed the cooperation agreement, report "The Nevsky news".

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Pilot, supporter of sanctions and the most known hawk: in the USA republican senator John McCain — RT in Russian has died

In the USA on the 82nd year of life republican senator from the State of Arizona John McCain has died. According to media, a funeral will take place in the capital of the State of Maryland, the city of Annapolis. Cancer of a brain which treatment he has refused only two days ago became a cause of death of the politician. McCain was one of the most famous politicians in the USA. In 2008 he ran for presidency of the United States, however has lost to the candidate of Democratic party Barack Obama. Senator consistently supported toughening of restrictive measures concerning Russia and criticized Donald Trump for his alleged communication with Moscow. McCain became the coauthor of the bill of toughening of sanctions because of "intervention" of Russia in elections which the U. S. Congress intends to adopt in the nearest future.


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