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The unknown man tried to attack the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Timo Soyni during his meeting with voters in the city of Vantaa, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper writes.

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The authorities of the Baltic countries intend to continue to try to obtain compensation for "the Soviet occupation" from Russia. Ministers of Justice of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Yanis Bordans, E...

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More than a day operation on evacuation of people from the Viking Sky cruise liner which lost the course in the Norwegian Sea continued. After failure of engines during a storm the vessel began to take down to the coast, however the crew managed to drop an anchor and to stop the ship when to shallow water there were less than 100 meters. Later seam...

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The Paraguayan midfielder of Moscow Spartak Lorenzo Melgarejo received injury at a training of the national team in the run-up to the test match with Peru.

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Other currency: what active reduction of a share of US dollar in reserves of the Central Bank of Russia — RT in Russian is connected with

From July, 2017 to June of the 2018th the Central Bank more than twice reduced a dollar share in the international reserves — to 21.9%. In turn, the volume of assets of the Central Bank in euro increased to 32%, and in yuans grew from 0.1 to 14.7%. As experts explain, thus the regulator wants to minimize negative impact of sanctions of Washington. At the same time at the same time the Bank of Russia follows the general trend of many countries on decrease in dependence on national currency of the USA.


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