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The Khanty-Mansi district court of the district arrested Pavel Shapovalov accused of stealing of the passenger plane for two months.

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The prosecutor's office of the Kemerovo region organized verification of messages about faints due to starvation at children at schools of the region, the press service reports.

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The government of Ukraine made the decision on cancellation of a number of the agreements signed within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). These contracts concerned economic cooperation.

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The Portuguese expert José Mourinho can become the head coach of the French football club PSG.

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Business

Oreshkin has explained ruble depreciation — RT in Russian

Oreshkin has explained ruble depreciation
The Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin has said that ruble depreciation is connected with short-term sharp capital outflow from the country.


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