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The head coach of Russian hockey team Ilya Vorobyov gave an assessment to the rival until a World Cup quarterfinal.

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The forward of Russian hockey team shared opinion on a game of the team against team of Sweden (7:4).

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The USA threatened Turkey with "rigid consequences" if Ankara within two weeks does not refuse purchase of surface-to-air missile S-400 missile systems. Informs CNBC with reference to sources on it.

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The volume of export of products of agro-industrial complex of the Crimea was $1.4 million in four months 2019, Crimeainform with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Agriculture...

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On a denial wave: why Deutsche Welle tries to reconsider fight results on the Kursk arch — RT in Russian

By 75th anniversary of fight on the Kursk arch the German edition Deutsche Welle has issued article in which has tried "to discredit the main myths" about one of the most important episodes of World War II. Being guided by the statements of the German and British historians-revisionists, DW claims that in the battle of Prokhorovka the Soviet troops "have suffered crushing defeat". In article it is noted that it has happened allegedly because of many miscalculations of generals of the Red Army — they were mistaken, "because they were hurried by Stalin". At the same time the Russian experts authors of the exposing article have preferred not to address for the comment. According to experts, such approach to "dethronement of myths" puts the German scientists on the level close to those who afford denial of a Holocaust. RT understood why state German has performed as media with the demarche belittling a feat of the heroes battling against Nazism.


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