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The head of National assembly of Venezuela Huang Guaido who declared himself the interim president of the republic commented on an initiative of the Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro to hold early elections to the parliament of the country controlled by opposition forces.

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The St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport served more than 5 million passengers for the first four months 2019 that is 13.7% more, than for the same period of last year.

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The president of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a conversation with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin expressed commitment to cooperation with Iran in the sphere of trad...

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The special prosecutor of the USA Robert Müller who was engaged in investigation of "the Russian intervention" refuses public evidence before the congress.

Date: 9 months ago   Category: Sport

Not all according to the plan: in Kiev there was held the military parade in honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine — RT in Russian

In day of the 27th anniversary of independence of Ukraine at a military parade at Kiev there were representatives of 18 countries, mainly members of NATO. 4,5 thousand servicemen and 250 pieces of equipment have participated in an action. Modern arms of the country, including the American portable Javelin anti-tank systems have been shown. At the same time it wasn't without misunderstanding. Opening a celebration, the president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko has quoted "A march of the Ukrainian nationalists" and has mixed words. During the speech of the commander-in-chief of soldiers of guard of honor I have fainted, and also the soldier paratrooper has fainted later.


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