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The goalkeeper of "Columbus Blue Jackets" Sergey Bobrovsky set a team record, having reflected 46 throws in 60 minutes of playing time. The forward of "Washington Capitals" Alexander Ovechkin strength...

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The authorities of the Netherlands increased the level of terrorist danger to the highest in the province Utrecht where there was a firing. De Telegraaf reports about it.

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The commentator Vasily Utkin is sure that the referee of a meeting of the 20th tour of the Russian Premier League (RPL) between Spartak and Zenit Vladimir Moskalyov had to award a penalty for a foul o...

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At least one person died as a result of firing in the Netherlands city of Utrecht.

Date: 7 months ago   Category: Science

"Nonsense presently": in the USA cases of a scurvy — RT in Russian are recorded

For the last five years doctors in the USA diagnosed about 30 cases of a scurvy. All patients ate is unbalanced, preferring fat and high-calorific food because of what their organism lacked for vitamin C. Also deadly illness has been recorded in Australia at patients with diabetes. At their diet there were vegetables, however because of strong heat treatment of products vitamins collapsed. The Russian experts have noted that in the modern urban environment it is possible to ache with a scurvy only because of the insufficient culture of food as many products containing vitamin C are available even to needy people.


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