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The American leader Donald Trump said that he does not want wars, the only invasions for which he seeks — economic.

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The allergy to plants (26%) is most widespread among residents of Russia. Results of poll of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) demonstrate to it.

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In 2019 schools in eight Russian regions will receive the USE tasks on the protected Internet channels. The deputy head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzayev told about it in an interview to the Izvestia newspaper.

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As a result of the collapse of a roof of bar in the southeast of China one person died, 77 were wounded. CGTN reports about it.

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Near Embassy of Russia in Kiev opened the square of Nemtsov — RT in Russian

The square of a name of the Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov was opened near the building of Embassy of Russia in Kiev. The press service of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitali Klitschko reports about it.


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