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The Congressional Research Service published the report on developments of hypersonic weapon in the United States, Russia and China. Material was prepared in connection with inquiry of the Pentagon to...

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More than 7.4 million residents of the Chinese province of Yunnan appeared in a zone of natural disasters, the representative of management on emergency situations of the province Xiao Liming reported.

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The Ukrainian security officers by mistake destroyed positions of the colleagues in Donbass in attempt to apply mine clearing installation, the representative of expeditious command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Daniil Bezsonov reported.

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The world prices for oil bargain in different directions. Data of the auction demonstrate to it.

Date: 3 months ago   Category: Science

Much water has flowed under the bridges: why over the past half-century in Russia pouring rains — RT in Russian became frequent

In Russia for the last 50 years the intensity and frequency of heavy rains, growth rates — increased by 1 — 2% every decade. The research of climatologists from Institute of physics of the atmosphere of RAS demonstrates to it. Scientists analysed the data on rainfall recorded by domestic meteorological stations for half a century of observations. According to them, global processes can influence growth of number of pouring rains and the natural disasters caused by them: climate change in the world and increase in average annual temperature in Russia. Results of a research will allow to understand the origins of natural hazards, experts believe.


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