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In the Akmola region of Kazakhstan the An-2 plane crashed, the pilot died, two persons suffered.

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In the Barents Sea complex exercises of anti-submarine forces of the Northern Fleet on detection of the submarine of the conditional opponent, tracking it and its replacement are complete.

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The Ukrainian journalist Vadim Komarov who at the beginning of May was beaten by unknown in Cherkasy died, without leaving a coma. The head of the National union of journalists Sergey Tomilenko in Fac...

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The Russian goalkeeper "Tampa Bay" Andrey Vasilevsky won the Lightning "Vezina Trofi", handed to the best goalkeeper of the regular championship of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

"Most unprofitable succession of events": why in the USA against the background of shutdown the state of emergency — RT mode in Russian can be announced

The U.S. President Donald Trump does not exclude introduction of an emergency rule in the country in connection with a situation on border with Mexico. In that case the head of the White House will have an opportunity to use federal funds on financing of construction of obstacles at the southern boundary. According to the American media, such option of succession of events is already discussed in the U.S. Government. In the country three weeks shutdown continues — a part of federal authorities is closed. It occurs because the congress refuses to approve the draft budget assuming assignment for construction of a wall. As experts specify, democrats try to push Trump to introduction of the state of emergency mode as this measure will be unpopular among voters. The American leader also noted that a dispute on construction of a wall — an element of a presidential campaign before elections of 2020.


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