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The journalist Ivan Golunov told in RT interview about under what circumstances the police officer hit it on a face. According to him, violent acts against it were taken when he abandoned claims of the police officers connected with medical examination.

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Maria Sharapova will play with Slovak Victoria Kuzhmova in a starting round of a tournament in the Spanish Mallorca which will become for the tennis-player the first for several months. Organizers of...

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The corresponding member of Academy of military sciences, the political scientist Sergey Sudakov in a conversation with RT estimated the statement of the Minister of Defence of Poland Mariusz Blashcha...

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The Russian tennis-player Maria Sharapova is glad to return to court and said that the injured shoulder does not disturb her any more.

Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Science

"Made impossible": as the Russian brig "Mercury" won a victory in fight with two Turkish battle ships — RT in Russian

On May 26, 1829 during the Russian-Turkish war near the coast of the Ottoman Empire there was a legendary sea battle between a brig Mercury under command of the lieutenant commander Alexander Kazarsky and two battle ships of the opponent. The squadron from 14 ships found three Russian vessels near the Bosphorus strait and was started up behind them in a pursuit. High-speed "Standard" and Orpheus avoided prosecution. Two Turkish ships shot ahead and overtook lagged behind the Mercury group. They considerably surpassed a brig in artillery power and number of crew. However the Russian seamen could put temporarily out of action battle ships, evade pursuit and join the main forces of the Black Sea Fleet.


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