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The Boeing company found and eliminated malfunctions in the software of exercise machines simulators of flight which are used for training of pilots of model 737 MAX.

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According to Rospotrebnadzor, more than 318 thousand HIV-positive Russians died from the moment of the beginning of registration of a disease in the country in 1987. TASS with reference to the press service of Rospotrebnadzor reports about it.

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The Japanese experts recorded growth of volcanic activity around a volcano of Hakone located in 80 km from Tokyo. NHK reports about it.

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The prime minister of Great Britain Theresa May intends to make the British deputies "the courageous proposal" on improvement of the transaction on a Brexit. The British prime minister said it in the article published in The Sunday Times.

Date: 5 days ago   Category: Science

Lunar activity: scientists established epicenters of earthquakes on the satellite of our planet — RT in Russian

The moon continues to cool down and contract — the tectonic activity of the satellite and lunar earthquakes around geological faults speak about it. The American scientists after they compared results of modern photographing and data of seismographs of missions of Apollo of 1960 — the 1970th years came to such conclusions. They established epicenters of earthquakes also found out that emergence of seismic fluctuations on the Moon provokes including force of an attraction of Earth. Domestic researchers are sure that studying of tectonic activity of the natural satellite of our planet will allow to approach a solution of its origin.


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