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The director of Institute of strategic researches RUDN Dmitry Egorchenkov in a conversation with FBA "Economy Today" commented on requirements of the USA to Turkey to refuse purchase of the Russian an...

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Russian President's Council for Civil Society and Human Rights reported that the former head of the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region Alexander Shestun who is contained in the pre-trial detentio...

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Complexes Avangard began to be given the Strategic Missile Troops. The commander of RVSN Sergey Karakayev told about it. According to him, in Yasnensky rocket connection (Orenburg region) infrastructu...

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The United States urge Russia to join efforts on counteraction to Iran in SAR, the special representative of the USA to Syria James Jaffray said.

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"Legalization of the thrown information": who can stand behind the publication of article about "saboteurs" in the White House — RT in Russian

In Washington the scandal connected with anonymous article of the high-ranking official of the White House in the The New York Times newspaper doesn't cease. The author of material has written that in Presidential Administration allegedly there is a group of people who sabotage some decisions of the president. Donald Trump suspecting all demands from edition to give him the informant, and senator Rand Paul suggests to check all employees on the lie detector. In media and social networks the vice-president Mike Pence, the Pentagon chief James Mattis and also the ambassador of the USA in the UN Nickey Haley became main "suspects". At the same time experts note what any informant can not be at all, and article is necessary to convince the population of the country of Trump's "inadequacy" and to seed dissonance in the White House.


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