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In the Leningrad Region firefighters managed to localize ignition in two warehouses in the industrial zone of the settlement of Sverdlov. Reported about it in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the region.

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The Neapolitan Napoli got beaten by Atalanta in a match of the 33rd tour of the Italian Series A.

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In the Colombian department Cauca at a landslide 20 people, including one minor died. Informs National administration on risk management of natural disasters on it.

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The goalkeeper of team of Hockey league Ontario (OHL) of "Sadzhinou Spirit" Ivan Prosvetov is disqualified for five matches for a washer throw in the audience.

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

"It is a pity that did not hammer the third": that spoke after the victory of Lokomotiv over Galatasaray in the Champions League — RT Russian

In a match with Galatasaray football players of Lokomotiv acted extremely in a balanced way and perfectly looked both in the attack, and in defense. It was said by the head coach of team Yury Syomin. He told why his wards so surely carried out the second half, and the midfielder Anton Miranchuk expressed opinion that the Russian club has every chance to beat Schalke at a final meeting of a group stage of the Champions League.


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