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The head of National assembly of Venezuela Huang Guaido who declared himself the interim president of the republic commented on an initiative of the Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro to hold early elections to the parliament of the country controlled by opposition forces.

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The St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport served more than 5 million passengers for the first four months 2019 that is 13.7% more, than for the same period of last year.

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The president of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a conversation with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin expressed commitment to cooperation with Iran in the sphere of trad...

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The special prosecutor of the USA Robert Müller who was engaged in investigation of "the Russian intervention" refuses public evidence before the congress.

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"In vestments of "White helmets": the Ministry of Defence has announced the preparing provocation with chemical weapon in Syria — RT in Russian

Fighters in Syria prepare provocation with use of chemical weapon. Have said it in the Russian Defense Ministry. According to department, to Idlib Governorate eight containers with chlorine are already delivered, and rescue of allegedly injured will be carried out according to the scenario "notorious "White helmets". The ministry has noted that the dramatized chemical attack can be used by the USA and their allies for striking a blow on objects of Syria. The Defense Ministry has noted that the American destroyer with 56 cruise missiles onboard is already sent to the Persian Gulf. At the same time earlier there was information that the USA allegedly possesses the Syrian government troops of the attack given about preparation with use of toxic agents. Experts are sure that the West tries to appoint responsible for crimes in advance "on the basis of the false facts and fakes". In the Russian Foreign Ministry have warned "Americans from new precipitate steps" in Syria.


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