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The Moscow region came to the third place in Russia by the number of the enterprises of small and medium business in 2018, reports 360 TV channel.

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The WikiLeaks organization commented on new charges of Ministry of Justice of the USA to Julian Assange.

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In the Lipetsk region neutralized two aviation bombs of times of the Great Patriotic War, with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reports.

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At least two persons died and four suffered as a result of explosion of the fuel tank with hydrogen in South Korea.

Date: 6 months ago   Category: Science

In the wake of black death: scientists found out from where plague — RT in Russian came to Europe

The causative agent of plague Yersinia pestis got into Europe from the territory of modern Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. The international group of scientists by results of a research of the human remains found in the west of Sweden came to such conclusion. It became clear that the strain of a plague bacillus found by experts — the most ancient of all nowadays known, its age — about 5.7 thousand years. Active distribution of a bacterium began in the Neolithic era — along with rapid development of commercial relations and growth of population in the region. This fact allowed to refute the theory existing earlier according to which black death came to Europe together with nomads from steppes of Eurasia about 5 thousand years ago.


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