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Washington tries to use the leading role in NATO to strengthen positions of the USA in the world weapon market, the Minister of Defence of France Florans Parli considers. She noted that members of all...

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The two-time world champion and the prize-winner of the Olympic Games on figure skating Irina Slutskaya commented on Alina Zagitova's performance in the short program in the World Cup in the Japanese...

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The state bureau of investigations of Ukraine brought criminal case concerning the Attorney-General Yury Lutsenko. He is suspected of disclosure of data on investigation of murder of the adviser to th...

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The capital of Kazakhstan — Astana — the first president of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to rename in Nursultan by name. The day before the head of state holding a post since 1990 declared...

Date: 3 months ago   Category: Science

In the wake of black death: scientists found out from where plague — RT in Russian came to Europe

The causative agent of plague Yersinia pestis got into Europe from the territory of modern Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. The international group of scientists by results of a research of the human remains found in the west of Sweden came to such conclusion. It became clear that the strain of a plague bacillus found by experts — the most ancient of all nowadays known, its age — about 5.7 thousand years. Active distribution of a bacterium began in the Neolithic era — along with rapid development of commercial relations and growth of population in the region. This fact allowed to refute the theory existing earlier according to which black death came to Europe together with nomads from steppes of Eurasia about 5 thousand years ago.


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