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In the building of Administration of the President of Ukraine located in the center of Kiev on Bankovaya Street can open the museum of statehood. It on air of Ukraine TV channel was said by the head of administration of the Ukrainian leader Andrey Bogdan.

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Trump thanked Israel and the prime minister of the country Benjamin Netanyahu for the fact that in his honor called the settlement on the Golan heights.

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Players of the London Chelsea César Aspilicoueta and Antoni Ryudiguer thanked the ex-team coach Maurizio Sarri for a victory in the Europa League and wished success on the new place.

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The USA considers all options of counteraction to Iran, including power. It was said by the American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to him, Washington will try to obtain that Tehran had no...

Date: 8 months ago   Category: Russia

In Kerch the mourning action on the dead during attack on polytechnical college took place — RT in Russian

In memory of the dead at explosion and firing in polytechnical college in Kerch the mourning action took place. About 100 people took part in it. According to the investigation, an assault was committed by the student of the 4th course of this educational institution. As a result died 21 persons. In the Republic of Crimea since October 18 the three-day mourning is declared. RT conducted a live broadcast.


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