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In the Barents Sea complex exercises of anti-submarine forces of the Northern Fleet on detection of the submarine of the conditional opponent, tracking it and its replacement are complete.

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The Ukrainian journalist Vadim Komarov who at the beginning of May was beaten by unknown in Cherkasy died, without leaving a coma. The head of the National union of journalists Sergey Tomilenko in Fac...

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The Russian goalkeeper "Tampa Bay" Andrey Vasilevsky won the Lightning "Vezina Trofi", handed to the best goalkeeper of the regular championship of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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Mobile Internet traffic in Russia in the I quarter 2019 grew by one and a half times — by 1.1 billion GB in comparison with the same period of the 2018th. It is record growth in absolute measures in y...

Date: 10 months ago   Category: Sport

"I take the responsibility": the world champion in soccer can lose a captain's bandage for drunk driving — RT in Russian

The goalkeeper of French national team world champion Hugo Lloris was detained in London for drunk driving. From a police station of the athlete have bailed. Meanwhile in Tottenham which colors are protected by the goalkeeper of the football player we intend to deprive of a captain's bandage. Also Lloris will be forced to pay a penalty of €660 thousand.


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