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The call center receiving calls on hotline with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin underwent the massive DDoS-attack from abroad.

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The independent body for fight against the negative phenomena in track and field athletics (AIU) received from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) about 110 thousand data files from the Moscow anti-do...

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a straight line commented on criticism to United Russia party, having noted that in the 1990s the country appeared on the verge of disorder.

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Russian women's national team on fencing on sabers reached the European championship final in the German Düsseldorf.

Date: 10 months ago   Category: World

"His victory for me still a riddle": 50 Cent about Trump, tolerances in social networks and freedom of creativity — RT in Russian

The American rapper, the actor and the producer Curtis Jackson acting on a pseudonym 50 Cent isn't afraid to become the person involved in scandal because of inappropriate posts on Twitter. In the Larry King Now program on RT he has noted that social networks give him the chance to speak on hot topics. The actor has also explained why he considers the U.S. President Donald Trump similar to the rapper, admitted that he not easy is given shooting at cinema, and has told how he on tours in Norway has found in the hotel room of fans of the creativity.


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