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The Kommersant newspaper reported about the new scheme of fraud via terminals of Sberbank.

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The UN Security Council will hold on Monday, May 20, a special session in connection with with acceptance in Ukraine of the law on a state language.

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The U.S. President Donald Trump signed two orders about cancellation of duties on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico. The press service of the White House reports about it.

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The American leader Donald Trump said that he does not want wars, the only invasions for which he seeks — economic.

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"Have more plundered, than have increased": that prevents Ukraine to overcome an economic crisis — RT in Russian

Petro Poroshenko's statement that Ukraine "has built strong muscles", having passed "tests by war and an economic crisis", have caused bewilderment among economists. Literally the day before the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance has placed the state bonds for $725 million, besides that for June, 2018 the sovereign debt of the country to creditors has grown to impressive figure — $76,3 billion. Earlier RT source in the Petro Poroshenko Bloc reported that theft and corruption in power structures have reached at the current president of unprecedented scales — up to 40% of state economy is in a shadow. The situation is aggravated that, instead of the solution of problems of society and implementation of the plan of European integration, political elite is engaged in demagogy and search of external enemies. As a result, as political scientists note, the power with once developed industry actually turns into the agrarian country.


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