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The former defender and the captain of the London Chelsea John Terry can head Derby County club.

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The Moscow basketball club CSKA is close to signing of the new contract with the American forward and the captain Kyle Hynes.

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In Sochi, near the White nights beach, carried away the tourist in the sea on an air mattress.

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The member of the committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Anton Morozov commented on the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Reynsalu who supported extension...

Date: 10 months ago   Category: Business

Growth with plus: euro exchange rate has exceeded 79 rubles — RT in Russian

At opening of the trading of the Moscow Exchange on August 22 euro exchange rate has practically returned to anti-records of week, having overcome a mark of 79 rubles. In the foreign exchange market analysts explain such movement with the announcement of the anti-Russian sanctions planned for Wednesday evening. However, according to experts, investors could endure shock from the forthcoming restrictions therefore they were morally prepared for news across the ocean. What changes can happen in couples ruble/euro and ruble/dollar — in the material RT.


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