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The member of the committee of the Federation Council on the international affairs Oleg Morozov in a conversation from the FANNS commented on an appeal of the USA to save the Ukrainian economy from "i...

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Google told about the most popular inquiries from the Russian users in 2018. The FIFA World Cup which took place in Russia became the most popular event. The Olympic Games-2018 in Pyeongchang took the...

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Rostourism excluded "The pearl river" from the unified federal register of tour operators after tourists of this company got stuck on the Chinese island of Hainan.

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The Ukrainian cabinet created the commission on questions of preparation of the consolidated claim for Russia "for aggression against Ukraine".

Date: 3 months ago   Category: Science

Geological Brexit: as 400 million years ago the British archipelago — RT in Russian was formed

Geological Brexit: as 400 million years ago the British archipelago was formed
400 million years ago the part of the land which adjoined the northwest of modern France has separated from the European continent and has gradually adjoined the island Great Britain, having formed his southern part. Geologists from the Plymouth university who investigated mineral structure of ancient breeds in the southwest of the United Kingdom have come to such conclusion. It has become clear that the similar structure is characteristic of the neighboring France and doesn't meet in other territory of Britain.


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