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The National Hockey League (NHL) announced names of three best hockey players of last game day.

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Vote on a vote of no confidence to the prime minister of Great Britain Theresa May will take place in the British parliament in the evening on Wednesday, December 12. Sky News reports about it.

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At a meeting with members of council on human rights (HRC) the President of Russia Vladimir Putin paid attention to legal aspect of business of the condemned director Oleg Sentsov. It was said by the...

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Junior hockey Russian national team up to 17 years beat peers from Switzerland in an opening match of the Tournament of four nations which takes place in Plymouth (USA).

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Generation of black holes and neutron stars: scientists recorded several new gravitational waves — RT in Russian

Representatives of the international scientific communities LIGO and Virgo declared that they managed to record gravitational waves from merge of several double black holes and one double neutron star. Results of work of researchers were published at a conference on the gravitational and wave physics and astronomy passing in the USA.


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