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The head of National assembly of Venezuela Huang Guaido who declared himself the interim head of state arrived to border from the Colombian side before sending humanitarian aid to the Bolivarian Repub...

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The publicist Anatoly Wasserman commented RT on the statement of the actor Alexey Serebryakov who accused Russia of "unleashing of wars".

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On Saturday, February 23, in Russia the Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated. On 16 special platforms across all Moscow there passed pyrotechnic shows. RT conducted a live broadcast of a festive salute with Poklonnaya Gora and observation deck on Sparrow Hills.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela of Jorge Arreas accused U.S. authorities and Colombia of violation of almost all principles and the purposes of the Charter of the UN.

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From "capital" of a mordva to the spiritual center of Russia: what was learned by archeologists about history of Sarov Monastery — RT in Russian

Scientists of Institute of archeology of RAS found artifacts of three historical eras on the place of modern Sarov. Pieces of medieval material culture told about the administrative status of the ancient settlement: in the XII—XIII centuries "capital" of one of the Mordovian tribes was located here. Finds of times of Seraphim of Sarov helped to restore stages of construction of the temple of the Zhivonosny Source which became a tomb of the Saint. In a church necropolis researchers found a grave of the war hero of 1812 — the general from an infanteriya Boris Poluyektov. Detailed studying of artifacts will allow experts to meet lacks in the history of Sarov.


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