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Washington tries to use the leading role in NATO to strengthen positions of the USA in the world weapon market, the Minister of Defence of France Florans Parli considers. She noted that members of all...

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The two-time world champion and the prize-winner of the Olympic Games on figure skating Irina Slutskaya commented on Alina Zagitova's performance in the short program in the World Cup in the Japanese...

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The state bureau of investigations of Ukraine brought criminal case concerning the Attorney-General Yury Lutsenko. He is suspected of disclosure of data on investigation of murder of the adviser to th...

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The capital of Kazakhstan — Astana — the first president of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to rename in Nursultan by name. The day before the head of state holding a post since 1990 declared...

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Science

Fight for the ancestor: as geneticists have helped Indians of the USA to bury a mummy from the Cave of Spirits — RT in Russian

Scientists have deciphered DNA of one of the oldest mummies on the planet age of 10,6 thousand years which has been found in the Cave of Spirits in the west of the USA in 1940. "The ancient person" was the close relative of modern Indians. It has helped the tribe payyut-shonon to achieve withdrawal of remains from an exposition of the State museum of Nevada and to inter them. Aboriginals of America of 20 years tried to obtain burial of remains, however interfered with it disputes on origin of a mummy.


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